How Important is Vitamin D – Here is What You Should Know

Ask anyone about vitamin D and its benefits to the human body and the fi rst thing that comes to mind is that it aids with strengthening bones. While this is correct, several other benefi ts can be had from this essential vitamin.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of vitamin D to the human body.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that aids with the absorption and retention of calcium and phosphorus which are crucial for bone formation. It is from the family of compounds that include vitamins D1, D2, and D3. It is not naturally found in most foods; however, it can be added to certain foods to their boost nutritional value.

When ultraviolet-B rays from the sun strike the skin, the body also makes vitamin D. This process explains why vitamin D is sometimes referred to as the “sunshine vitamin.” A lack of this vitamin in the body can lead to conditions such as Rickets and other bone-related problems such as osteoporosis.

What are the Sources of Vitamin D?

This precious vitamin can be found in certain foods and you just might fi nd some vitamin D foods stashed somewhere in your pantry. Here is a list of some vitamin D sources:

egg yolk
beef liver
milk (fortified)
yogurt (fortified)
orange juice (fortified)

If you are not a fan of certain foods that contain vitamin D, you won’t be left hanging. You can consider vitamin D supplements as an option. They are available over the counter as pills, capsules, or liquid drops. Consult your doctor before taking vitamin D supplements to prevent overdose.

What is the Recommended Daily Intake?

Researchers and medical experts had put forth recommended daily intake dosages for vitamin D, however, there are controversial arguments that were expressed regarding those dosages. Here are the recommended daily intake dosages by age, gender, as well as during and post-pregnancy that was published in an article by The National Institutes of Health.

Now, it’s time to explore the importance of vitamin D. Ready? Let’s dive right in!

The Benefits/Importance of Vitamin D

Reduce the Risk of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Research indicates that there is a strong correlation between taking Vitamin D supplements and a reduction in the occurrence of MS. The researchers stated that further research is needed to determine the magnitude of the relationship.

Boost Immune Function
A study published by The National Library of Medicine found that a lack of vitamin D is associated with autoimmune problems which increase the risk of infections. The study also highlighted that as the immune system responds to the actions of vitamin D, the benefi ts may extend to enhancing bone function.

Reduce Depression
Are you feeling a bit under the weather with a depressed mood? Have you checked your vitamin D levels?
Research has shown that people who experience depression or low moods have low levels of vitamin D in their blood.

Additionally, a recent study published in 2020 revealed that poor sleep quality during pregnancy is linked to a lack of vitamin D. The researchers recommended that women get enough vitamin D to improve their mood and sleep and prevent anxiety and depression.

Possibly Aid with Weight Loss
Researchers have found mounting evidence which showed that individuals with higher body mass index and excess body fat tend to have low levels of vitamin D in their blood.

A study done on persons who were on a weight loss diet plan revealed that those who took vitamin D supplements experienced more weight loss than those who didn’t. Interesting right? It definitely is!

Prevents Muscle Spasms
Have you ever experienced a painful muscle spasm? It can be such a mood kill and can stop you right in your tracks. Here is some good news though. It is said that vitamin D can assist with the prevention of involuntary muscle contraction which results in painful cramps and spasms.

The Take Home
Vitamin D is vital for the effective functioning of the human body. Without it, the bones can become weak and break easily and immune function can also be impaired. If you don’t meet the dietary intake requirement or you do not get enough sunlight, you can try taking a supplement. By meeting your daily vitamin D requirements, you can improve your general health and well-being.

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